Bank On Yourself

BankOnYourselfRevolution_FrontCoverBank On Yourself® is a financial management strategy which uses a unique and flexible vehicle to accomplish many different financial goals throughout a person’s lifetime.

Marc became an Authorized Bank On Yourself® Professional in 2009 and has been able to help hundreds of people learn how to create a life-long stream of retirement income they could predict and count on.

“Over the years, I have worked closely with Pamela Yellen, best-selling author of the book Bank On Yourself®, as well as with Nelson Nash, best-selling author of the book Becoming Your Own Banker® and the originator of the Infinite Banking Concept®.  By teaching my clients this concept, I have helped hundreds of clients run their financial life like a Fortune 500 CEO, by becoming their own banker.  By combining the economic principles that banking institutions use with the contractual guarantees of certain insurance products, has proven to be highly beneficial to my clients—enabling them to save more money and have the peace of mind of a fulfilling retirement.” —Marc Beshears

5 Key Benefits of Bank On Yourself…

  1. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from steady, predictable growth, year in and year out. You will always know the minimum guaranteed value of your retirement account on the day you will want to tap into it, as well as at every point along the way.
  2. Bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether by becoming your own source of financing for cars, vacations, college educations, starting a business and more.
  3. Access the money in your plan – with no taxes, government penalties or restrictions – when you want and for whatever you want. (Try doing that with your 401(k) or IRA!) Compare your plan to Bank On Yourself. Best of all, the money you take from your policy – whether used for purchases or investments – can continue to grow as if you never took it out!
  4. A better way to save and pay for college – compare Bank On Yourself to 529 Plans, UGMA’s, UTMA’s and student loans.
  5. Learn how special programs for folks up to age 85 work.
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