Here’s What People Say About Why They Love Bank On Yourself

“After working for 25 years, I feel for the very first time that my retirement is properly squared away. I no longer have to worry about where to put my savings to
chase a higher return. Bank On Yourself takes all the gut-feeling worry of, ‘Am I doing the right thing’ away, and allows me to focus on other, more fun things in my life.

Yes, I do wish I’d started earlier, but I suppose it just took this long for me to make enough of the financial mistakes I’ve made to allow this strategy to reveal itself to me as the gem it really is. Thank you so much for bringing Bank On Yourself to my attention.This is the best financial lesson I’ve ever been taught. I feel completely at peace with my decision to move forward with this.”
Mike LaPlante

“The Bank On Yourself program is fantastic! I received my first annual statement this month and couldn’t believe the growth in the policy is UP, not DOWN! And my policy has been in place during one of the worst stock market/financial meltdowns in history! I am absolutely sick when I receive my quarterly statements for my 401(k) — I’m down almost 50% in the past year. I plan to start another Bank On Yourself policy as soon as I can. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful financial tool.”
Devin Smith

“When I first heard about Bank On Yourself, I thought it sounded too good to be true. But instead of letting my skepticism get in the way, I decided to look into it thoroughly. As a private investigator, it’s my nature to research things.

I have a diverse portfolio and, over the years, I’ve used many different financial strategies. However, I have not come across anything else that will accomplish what Bank On Yourself does. It’s what the rich use to get richer.

Perhaps most exciting is that this Strategy lets you spend your money and still have it working for you! The only regret I have is that I didn’t discover Bank On Yourself many years ago.”
Arthur Felton, Private Investigator

“I love Bank On Yourself! We just used the money in our plan to remodel our home. By paying ourselves back, instead of a credit card company, we’ll have enough to remodel our home every few years from now on—without ever having to put aside another penny to do it!

It feels great to be able to buy things we want now, but know that we’re still putting money away for our future. If I could turn the clock back, I would have put as much money into my policy as I possibly could, and I would have started a lot sooner!”
Joni Schultz, Hospital Department Director